Gaming and hyperhidrosis

Everyone who has been somewhat serious about gaming and has had bad hand sweat, knows how hard it can be. But few people actually read up on this. You can actually have hyperhidrosis which basically is excessive sweating. This means that you sweat more than a “normal” person and what most people don’t know these days is that there is threatment. Method one is to go to a clinic who threats people with hyperhidrosis with botox. This method is very effective but can be a bit expensive whether or not it is included in your health plan. Another method¬†iontophoresis where you need to buy a device for daily threatments. This a bit more work but a cheaper option.

So there is no excuse not to take of your hand sweat!

We start off wtih CS:GO

Our first article are going to be about CS:GO and the on going ESL tournament in Cologne in August.  It took a loss on Dust2 to bring Ninjas in Pyjamas for CS: GO quarterfinal against Complexity.
But then they showed why they are considered one of the world’s top teams when they relatively easily won two straight maps – and now await Dignitas in today’s semifinals.
US Complexity started strongly at first map Dust2. At halftime it was 11-4 for transatlantic engines and the lead would prove to be too much to take in when NiP switched to the terrorist side.

Swedes communication did not fully, something that shone through in a round where Complexitys Braxton “swag” Pierce stood for the match, perhaps the best performance when he alone against four NiP players managed to win the round. NiP took up to 12-15 before Complexity put the nail in the coffin to 12-16.

ESL one this year starts August 22 and all matches are streamed on Twitch.