Gaming and hyperhidrosis

Everyone who has been somewhat serious about gaming and has had bad hand sweat, knows how hard it can be. But few people actually read up on this. You can actually have hyperhidrosis which basically is excessive sweating. This means that you sweat more than a “normal” person and what most people don’t know these days is that there is threatment. Method one is to go to a clinic who threats people with hyperhidrosis with botox. This method is very effective but can be a bit expensive whether or not it is included in your health plan. Another method iontophoresis where you need to buy a device for daily threatments. This a bit more work but a cheaper option.

So there is no excuse not to take of your hand sweat!

League of Legends Worlds will be decided in Europe in 2015

League of Legends Worlds will be decided in Europe in 2015. It was clear after the Riot announced its decision on where this year’s edition of the world championship will take place.
– We are ready for an action packed month in Europe, writes Riot in a press release.

When autumn has reached us and the weather in Europe starts to move towards the worse will Worlds visit to gild the continent in a month. After moving the World Cup final in League of Legends, year after year are now returning to the tournament to where it all started.
– Europe has been home to League of Legends from the first steps on our journey, writes Riot in a press release published on its website.

In 2014 played finals in Taipei, Singapore and Seoul, where the final was played at Sangam Stadium before 45,000 people in the audience. The same structure will be used in Europe. However, it is unclear which cities and stadiums that will get the chance to hold one of the eSport-the world’s biggest spectacle.

– Our goal is to present esport to fans across Europe while giving viewers an exciting and varied background.

Last year’s World Finals was seen by a total of 27 million viewers.